Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Brother and the Monk

A long time ago, a Monk set out on his travels accompanied by his assistant, a Brother. Night was falling when the Monk told the Brother to go on ahead to find lodging for the night. The Brother searched the deserted landscape until he found a very humble shack, in the middle of nowhere. A very poor family lived there. The mother, father and family were dressed in rags. However, when the Brother asked if he and the Monk could spend the night in their dwelling they immediately invited him in. They prepared a simple meal consisting of fresh milk, cheese and cream for the Brother and the Monk. The Brother was moved by their poverty and even more so by their simple generosity.

Before retiring for the night, the Monk asked them how they managed to survive in such a poor place, so far away from the nearest neighbors and town. The wife looked to her husband to answer. In a resigned tone of voice he told the Monk, and the Brother, how they managed to survive.

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