Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Brother becomes a Monk and returns to the hovel

Years later, when the young Brother had become a Monk, it so happened that he was traveling the same road where he found the humble home from which he had stolen the cow. Driven by a sense of remorse he decided to visit the family. Rounding the curve in the road he was surprised to find a splendid mansion, surrounded by landscaped gardens, where the small home had been located. The new house exuded a sense of prosperity and happiness. The Monk knocked on the door.

A well dressed man answered. The Monk asked the man "what ever became of the family who used to live on this property? Did they sell the property to you?"

The man looked surprised and said that he and his family had always lived on the property. The Monk told him how he had stayed there with his master, the old Monk, and asked how the family had managed to prosper so much since he had stayed with them.

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