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Growing up at University College Dublin


Growing up at University College Dublin

I grew up, in Dublin, on the campus of University College Dublin which, at that time, was situated on Earlsfort Terrace. An article in the Irish Times, Tuesday May 15th., 2007 highlights some milestones:

1954 : UCD celebrates centenary.
(the year I joined the Legion of Christ): The first sod is turned at Belfield and the president of the time, Eamon de Valera, kneels to kiss the ring of Archbishop McQuaid.
1965 (the year I arrived in Mexico City): Brenda O’Hanrahan is the first woman to wear trousers in class.
1966: (I was helping to establish the first "Irish Institute", a boys school run by the Legion): Journalists who cut their teeth on UCD student newspapers, such as Awake and Campus, include Conor Brady, Vincent Browne and Kevin Myers.
1970 The move to Belfield from Earlsfort Terrace begins, with the Arts and Commerce faculties first to go. Paddy Keogh (my father), who spent a lifetime working at the Terrace, since 1916, moves to Belfield. The following year, 1971, he retires and is awarded an Honorary Master of Arts.
1981 The National Concert Hall is opened in what had been the Great Hall at Earlsfort Terrace.
2007 UCD finally vacates Earlsfort Terrace, with the last engineering and medical students transferring to Belfield. A major redevelopment plan will turn the National Concert Hall into a major multi-purpose concert venue.

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