Monday, September 15, 2008

The Legion of Christ's approach to Training "Monks"

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‘Human, Intellectual, Spiritual’
Rome Priest Discusses Formation of Priests
BY Joseph Pronechen
Forming a future priest to be alter Christus (another Christ) is an essential duty. When their seminarians come to Rome to study at institutes connected to the Vatican, dioceses from all over the world choose to have them live and be formed at the Pontifical Maria Mater Ecclesiae International College. Established and directed by the Legion of Christ, Maria Mater Ecclesiae was granted pontifical status by Pope John Paul II. Father Oscar Turrión spoke of Maria Mater Ecclesiae College and the far-reaching effects this formation program is having on future diocesan priests all over the world. In 2008, 238 seminarians from 27 different countries and 90 different dioceses attend the College.Three months ago a priest from a diocese in China became the 500th of all the priests ordained who graduated from Maria Mater Ecclesiae.

Mater Ecclesiae began 17 years ago, in 1991, at the request of John Paul II. He asked Father Marcial Maciel [founder of the Legionaries of Christ] if the Legion could do something for the formation of priests because he believed how good it would be for the Legion to have a seminary for bishops from all over the world.

Staff writer Joseph Pronechen writes from Trumbull, Connecticut.

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