Thursday, January 21, 2010

Devin Rose has just finished the first draft of an apologetics book focusing on ecumenical issues that divide Protestants and Catholics.

The working title is 50 Roads to Rome: Arguments for the Catholic Church from Faith and Reason.
In it he presents fifty different arguments supporting the Catholic Church’s claim to be the Church that Christ established, specifically targeted toward Protestantism (versus, say, Eastern Orthodoxy). Each argument is easily understandable for lay Catholics and Protestants alike, drawing on history and those Christian beliefs that we share to demonstrate that the Catholic Faith is both the most reasonable and the most faith-full.

He is looking for ideas:

1. What you would like to see in such a book (specific topics, format, etc.)?
2. Any thoughts you have on how to build interest in it (other than the blog)?

Sounds like a very worthwhile endeavor and Devin is eminently qualified. I wish him every success!

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