Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Respite from the main-stream media?

Gary Stern comments on the lack of media coverage given to the debacle regarding the Legionaries of Christ.I must say I have been surprised how it has flown under main-stream radar. Let's see what happens when the results of the Apostolic Visitation  (currently underway) are published in March.

From Gary Stern: "One can argue that the tale of Maciel and the Legionaries is a microcosm of the larger sex-abuse scandal. Allegations of abuse were made and the church—in this case, the POPE—either looked the other way or ignored the evidence. What did he know? When did he know it?

Stern gives the facts in a nutshell:
  • "Pope John Paul II was enamored with the Legionaries, a fast-growing, very traditional Catholic order of priests that was founded in 1941 in Mexico by Marcial Maciel. 
  • The pope ignored allegations by about a dozen former seminarians that Maciel had sexually abused themIn 2006, Pope Benedict XVI publicaly retired Maciel from ministry, without saying why. But it was obvious.
  • This past February, the Legion itself disclosed that Maciel had fathered children and lived a “double life.” The Vatican is now investigating the order."

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