Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holy See Attempts to Bring Good out of Evil

Bringing "good out of evil" is the underlying topic in my forthcoming book.
The following, excerpted from Dr. Jeff Mirus makes a good point:
"If there were ever an institutional need to bring good out of evil, this was it [Legionaries of Christ]. In March 2009, Pope Benedict ordered an Apostolic Visitation of the Congregation. Both John Paul II and Benedict XVI had previously expressed their gratitude for the outstanding work of the Legion of Christ in many areas. Clearly the Holy See hopes to see that work continue by investigating the Congregation, effecting any necessary changes, and setting the Legion on a more fruitful path. Just as clearly, the Holy See does not wish to see the sincere and devout priestly members of the Legion and the many wonderful lay members of Regnum Christi shattered spiritually and left by the wayside after such a series of devastating upheavals in their spiritual lives. To its credit, the Legion has welcomed Vatican intervention and guidance, and has offered full cooperation at every turn"

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