Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Salterio de mis dias" No big deal?

Spiritual writes including some founders of religious orders mostly try to shed some light of give their particular take on the teachings of Jesus which are expressed in the Gospel and the "apostolic" tradition. Sooner or later they begin to repeat stuff that was already written.
That's why I don't get too excited about the revelation that Maciel plagiarized a Spanish text called "El Salterio de mis Dias." All founders are influenced by their "Sitz im Leben," roughly translating to "setting in life." I am not saying its OK to plagiarize - but, in the light of all the other sordid revelations I don't think it's worth going in to a feeding frenzy over this one. I wasn't a huge fan of the "Salterio" - but I'm guessing that more people read Maciel's version than the original. Was that all bad?
God manages to "write straight on crooked lines." Bad people can do good deeds just as good people do bad things. Maciel was a disaster. The miracle is that God seems to have used him to bring a lot of people closer to Christ. Go figure!
The Legion of Christ is, I hope, trying to investigate as much as it can about the life and times of their founder - a painful undertaking. Like having to rifle through the most unsavory, unknown aspects of a bad parent's life.
Who knows what else we will hear. Does it matter? The damage is done. As the Christophers used to say "better to light a candle that curse the darkness." I'm waiting to see if the ApostolicVisitation can "fix" the Legion. I hope they don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. I'm rooting for them.

When I publish my book my point of view will, I hope, by optimistic and motivational - I'll choose to see the glass as half-full. Good people trapped in a bad situation can turn adversity into positive change.


Anonymous said...

Atheism will prevail, in time, over all fanatic thought and dogmas in the world. There is, fortunately, absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

Anonymous said...

It seems that it does not matter to the Monk if theft (plagiarism); sodomy (sex with boy); adultery (out of wedlock children) are done, as long as it benefits his church! Spoke like a true christian.