Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Art of Shameless Self Promotion

Copyblogger Nathan Hangen has an interesting posting on the art of self-promotion. Read his full posting for more detail and a plan for undertaking this important business task - without crossing the line to the slippery slope of self-adulation. Here is the part of his comments that caught my eye:

"The reason that self-promotion works and self-adulation doesn’t is because self-promotion is the art of spreading ideas, concepts, and a greater vision. Self-adulation is just the promotion of accomplishments, deeds that have already been done.

When you promote ideas, you give people something to cheer for. You give people a cause to support. People, in many ways, are selfish. They promote the things that make them feel good. Your accomplishments aren’t likely to make them feel good, but your ideas do.

There are fans out there for every self-promoter. Your task is to find them. That, and to make it easy for them to bring a friend."

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