Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lawyers in Mexico Legion of Christ sex abuse case resign

I just checked Mexican lawyer Jose Bonillas's Spanish language blog for any updated comment on the following news story. As of this morning, there is nothing new. Withdrawing from this particular "case" (no charges were filed) enhances his firm's credibility in my view. According to news reports, he continues to support the family.


"MEXICO CITY — A Mexican lawyer said Monday he has resigned from handling the case of a woman and her sons who claim the males were sexually abused as boys by the founder of a conservative Roman Catholic religious order.

Lawyer Jose Bonilla said he and a team of other lawyers who had represented the family would no longer do so, after one of the sons acknowledged he had asked the order for $26 million to keep quiet about the case.

"I know they were sexually abused by their father. This is a truly grave, lamentable situation," Bonilla said. "I always told them ... that they have a right to damages for moral and sexual abuse, but they have absolutely no right to ask for money from anybody in exchange for their silence."

While saying his team could not be part of that, Bonilla said of the family, "I wish them well in this fight with all my heart."

The case involves the Rev. Marcial Maciel, the deceased founder of the Legionaries of Christ."

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