Sunday, March 7, 2010

Legionaries of Christ: Apostolic Visitation

The Legion of Christ is currently undergoing an "Apostolic Visitation" by the Vatican - a form of internal church investigation ordered by the pope and undertaken by his delegates. The pope sets the jurisdiction and powers of the visitation, which usually ends with the submission of a report to the Holy See. Initially,  the results of the investigation were promised for March of this year. However, I've heard from a reliable source that the results may be delayed by as much as two months. As far as I can tell, the Legion is cooperating fully with the investigation.

Another, separate,  Apostolic Visitation is being conducted in the United States. According to the Vatican, it is a response to "concerns expressed by American Catholics -- religious, laity, clergy and hierarchy -- about the welfare of religious women and consecrated life in general." Mother Mary Clare, ASCJ is in charge of this visitation. In a letter dated January, 10, 2010, she expresses her "sadness and disappointment" that not all congregations have responded in a manner supportive of the goals and purpose of the Apostolic Visitation.


Anonymous said...

Jack, thank you for your comments on my blog.
I met Archbishop Chaput personally and sat with him to briefly chat, at his request, at the Envoy of the Year dinner in Charlotte a few months ago. He had recently interviewed my son, a Legionary brother in Cheshire, CT. He is a conscientious shepherd and cares very deeply about everyone affected by the Legion and Regnum Christi. I am sure that we can be confident that his findings will help the Church in this situation. I understood the Visitors will be finished with their part in the spring and then the Holy See will review the results and give direction but the amount of time this will take - who knows? The lives of many good men who are priests hang in the balance all over the world. The positive influence of a variety of media venues and apostolic works integrated into the actual day to day welfare of the lives of many people employed and feeding their families through those affiliate businesses also hang in the balance, I am assuming as well.

RC too said...

Jo, I hope that those mean comments from Pete Vere and company have not brought you to withdraw your blog from the net.

The Monk said...

Jo - I didn't understand RC too's comment until I tried to go back to your blog! Don't worry too much about your son in Cheshire (hard not to I know in the present maelstrom.) The AV "results" should be out in two months. Meanwhile, make sure to keep the lines of communication open with your boy. My prayers go out to all of these good guys who are the "forgotten" victims of a complex situation in the Church.

RC too said...

I agree with that last comment, Monk. If I persist in the movement, it is so that I can be there for them. It is at moments like this that you know who your true friends are. And the last thing those young priests, brothers, and consecrated women need,is to be condemned by me. Marciel is exposed, and gone, and there are pieces that need to be picked up. Solidarity, understanding, and a helping hand is my response, in the face of the raving blood-lust of those who trample our voices into silence. And if the AV goes for a refoundation along the lines that you have outlined, I'll be backing that whole-heartedly.