Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday: The Truth about Everything

Here is simple reflection on Good Friday, taken from Stephen Dillard's blog:

"Good Friday is not just one day of the year. It is a day relived in every day of the world, and of our lives in the world. In the Christian view of things, all reality turns around the “paschal mystery” of the death and resurrection of Christ. As Passover marks the liberation from bondage in Egypt, so the paschal mystery marks humanity’s passage from death to life. Good Friday cannot be confined to Holy Week. It is not simply the dismal but necessary prelude to the joy of Easter, although I’m afraid many Christians think of it that way. Every day of the year is a good day to think more deeply about Good Friday, for Good Friday is the drama of the love by which our every day is sustained . . . . If what Christians say about Good Friday is true, then it is, quite simply, the truth about everything"

From Death on a Friday Afternoon by Fr. Richard John Neuhaus

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