Friday, April 23, 2010

"Legionaries of Christ will obey whatever the Pope says"

The five bishops who have carried out the operational phase of the Apostolic Visitation on the Legion of Christ are about to deliver their reports to Rome. From Spain, Vida Nueva reports that Fr. Maria Jesus Delgado, the head of the Legionaries of Christ in Spain, says the congregation is willing to "everything the Pope may indicate" including a curator or even dissolution of the Congregation."

The following excerpts from the interview are my rough translation from the original Spanish.

In the interview, the head of the Legion in Spain says the Legionaries are going through a very difficult time; pain and suffering is running deep. "Silent tears are being shed." He goes on to say that the Apostolic Visitation is a grace form God “We needed it, like a breath of fresh air in a troubled time. Our basic attitude has been an immense gratitude to the Pope and the Visitors. In Spain it has been Ricardo Blazquez, who has spent time with us, living and praying with us. He knows us as we are.”.

When asked “there is talk of a cardinal as a commissioner for the congregation. Are you ready for that?” Fr. Delgado replied: “One of the principles of our spirituality is the love for the Church and the Pope, it is not just theoretical, but practical, and involves obedience to all instructions, including the wishes of the Holy Father. Yes there is openness and a willingness to totally accept whatever the Pope indicates.”

Another possibility is the dissolution of the Congregation. Do you foresee that happening? “As a possibility, anything is possible. But, I do not think it will happen. However the Pope has a free hand to intervene in the manner it deems appropriate.”

How could Fr. Maciel conceal his 'double life' for so many years, despite the rumors, accusations and even research?  “We have asked ourselves this so many times – not just because of media inquiries. It is very difficult to understand when you have not lived inside. We are talking about the founder, for whom we had enormous respect…. I never got any bad example from him and it’s hard to be suspicious when you have seen nothing to make you doubt. He had a blank check, total confidence. I am sure that high percentage of us knew nothing – the founder was very private about his persona life.

Could someone have known? "hat’s possible. If someone did know, they are in a difficult situation. We should not pre-judge, but we will have to decide if it is known, what policy to follow."

Are you aware that from now on more is going to be demanded of the Legion not only in the social milieu but in the Church? “Yes, more will be demanded of us and perhaps also we will be better liked. We must accept and adopt a commitment to greater holiness of life. And we must show that through our witness, our example and our holiness."

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The Legionaries will never be better liked as long as they are manipulating millions of dollars from unsuspecting Catholics.