Thursday, May 13, 2010

Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati comments on Apostolic Visitation of Legionaries of Christ

Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati, of Concepcion, Chile in an interview - in Spanish - with Radio Cooperativa answered questions about the recent Apostolic Visitation of the Legionaries of Christ. The Archbishop was one of the five "Apostolic Visitors" sent by the Vatican to audit the Legion.

Here is my translation of the gist of his comments:

“The welcome we [Apostolic Visitors] received from the Legion has been very sincere; they collaborated actively with us as we took the pulse of the congregation….the apostolic visit was not intended to investigate the deeds of the founder… these had already been defined earlier by the Holy See.

In dialogue with people who are part of the Legion of Christ, aspects of the Founder's life were mentioned – but these were not the subject of the visit.

The Vatican statement [released on May 1, 2010] says very clearly that the vast majority of Legionaries have overwhelmingly acted in good conscience without suspecting the double life their founder was living…. I am convinced the vast majority of the Legionnaires did not know the reality of the founder’s life.

The Church says very clearly that it is committed to accompany the Legionaries as they undertake a journey of  purification....

The Pope will appoint a delegate to oversee the Legion, a commission will revise the constitutions of the Legion, and he will send an Apostolic Visitor to members of Regnum Christi."

Finally, Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati states he has no knowledge that Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez , Archbishop of Guadalajara, has already been appointed to oversee the Legion.

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