Thursday, September 23, 2010

Archbishop de Paolis gets his helpers

Given the situation of the Legionaries of Christ, the casual outside observer could be forgiven that it is taking forever to see some "action" from Archbishop de Paolis, the Pope's delegate to the Legion. One of the missing pieces of the ongoing puzzle is the names of the four "commissioners" who are supposed to help him with his daunting task. I have it on good authority that they have just been appointed and that will be named publicly. I gave my word not to reveal the names. I'm a little surprised by one of them; the other three are more "obvious." My initial reaction is that all are eminently qualified.

Another piece of heartening news is that a vice-Delegate has been appointed for the group of third grade consecrated women.

Hopefully, the full details will be revealed publicly very, very soon. I'll be curious to check the veracity of my source! Most importantly, I'm hoping that Legionaries and the "third graders" will feel that the rescue operation is moving into a higher gear. For those on the inside, this is dragging on far too long.

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Good on you for the scoop!, Jack