Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hot topics for the Legionaries of Christ?

A commenter over at the (Spanish language) Trastevere blog seems to have some good information on the current internal debate within the Legionaries of Christ. He suggests there are two levels of internal debate going on. One is the dialogue between the “major superiors” and the plebs. The other, much more animated, between Territorial Directors and the rank and file. He says the following are typical of the questions being frankly discussed with the local Territorial Directors who, he says, are very open with their responses.

I find it heartening to know this internal debate (about which we hear so very little) is apparently alive and well. I have roughly translated the topics which allegedly are "hot" right now within the ranks of the Legionaries. They include:

  • Finding the "truth in our history ("hacer la verdad en nuestra historia")
  • How to help the victims of abuse
  • How did we find ourselves being audited and subjected to a Vatican visitation without an official version of what happened?
  • How do we deal with superiors who may be still allied to the regime?
  • How were our finances managed during so many years?
  • Have we been living outside of canon law during all this time, not living with the appropriate jurisdictions?
  • What about the appointment of superiors who had not reached the age required by canon law?
  • What about Superiors who have held their posts for years, and years?
  • How can we participate in the change process?
  • How can we accept and obey the decisions of the Holy See - when some superiors question them or simply suggest that the Church sometimes makes mistakes?
I've always maintained that mutual trust amongst the members is vital for any organization to survive and thrive. In my opinion, the lack of trust within the Legion is an endemic problem. These questions are a beginning - they could never have been brought up in the not too distant past. Maybe they portend the start of a new experience for the members. I certainly hope so. 

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