Friday, April 15, 2011

A consulting approach to reforming the Legionaries of Christ (4): Team Discussion: video recap.

In this little "series" about looking at the LC's challenges through the eyes of a management consultant, it's time to take a little break.

Let's engage for seven minutes and twenty seconds  in a light-hearted team-discussion activity.  Wait for a quiet moment and then watch this video. 
  • Does it recap what we have been talking about? 
  • Can we apply any of the "messages" to the current situation? 
  • More than 7,000,000 people have enjoyed it on YouTube so, at the very least, it can serve as a bit of a "reality check." Is this how "normal" people think?
  • Enjoy thinking with your emotions (for a change!)
  • The narration is in English with Spanish sub-titles. 
  • The message is sage and uplifting - at week's end a little optimistic advice may do us the world of good. See it through to the end...  you'll enjoy it. 
  • Discuss amongst yourselves!

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