Friday, June 17, 2011

"The Legion is an large ironclad warship for the Church"

Here is a letter of encouragement a Jesuit priest, Father Jorge Loring, published on the Religión en Libertad Blog.

Fr Loring SJ, was born in Barcelona, Spain and was ordained when he was thirty-three.. His book "To save yourself" has sold more than a million copies in Spain, not to mention the Mexican, Peruvian and Chilean editions. He has also written a book about the Holy Shroud.

dated June 16, 2011

To my Legionary friends:

 We have all suffered a great deal with the crisis of the Legionaries of Christ. But the Legion is a large ironclad warship of the Church in the battle for the evangelization of the world, and we can not allow it to go under.

Many religious orders have gone through crisis and overcome them.

But the reforms have been made those who remain, not those who have left.

Sometimes people do not fulfill their duties properly, but people come and go and the INSTITUTION must persevere with our support and collaboration.

No doubt that those who have left have done so with good intentions and honestly.

But it  my opinion that more can be achieved from inside rather from outside the congregation.

It is not impossible to return.

With very best wishes,
Jorge Loring S.I.


irishmexguate said...

Spanish Jesuit sounds like that Julio Iglesias song, La Vida Sigue Igual [life goes] that a Spanish Legionary posted recently after Juan Pedro Oriol left: "at the end, the projects remain, people leave; others come along and finish the projects; life goes on.
"the good guys stay, the other leave"....
Sound like the anthem of any large company, like IBM, the Legion of Christ...
There were so many objections to the Legionary's posting that he was forced to take it down and apologize for his lack of sensitivity.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he means well, but I don't believe this priest has a firm grasp on the degree of suffering that has been caused by the legion, nor the degree to which the dysfunction continues.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Jorge is a great priest and has a top notch reputation. So at this point it is hard to believe that he hasn't figured out that he was picked out, cultivated over years and used by the Legion to prop up their stature in the Church. The lies that he was fed have become self-nurturing as if he can't square the lines and so returns to the original trademark phrases that built up the Legion on a bubble. Dreams die a hard death and after all the pieces have been removed from the board, a good chess player can continue to imagine having a queen or a knight and carrying out new strategies with pieces that have already been removed from the game. It also seems that way with Fr. Jorge, rather than accept that he was another victim of the Legion deception machine and that he was a pawn in their hands, he has gone backwards trying to rearm his side and start over...what a shame!

Fr. Jorge needs to come to some conclusions quickly:
1. The Legion as "he knew it" never really existed except on paper and in impactful phrases that had no basis no reality.
2. The Legion has no charism, no constitutions, no letters from the founder, nothing. It is an amorphous institution in transition and so to make clear cut phrases about what it is (since it hasn't gotten there yet) is more than foolish.