Sunday, October 2, 2011

Legionaries of Christ's New Castle property for sale after failed efforts for seminary, women's center

The Legionaries of Christ, the conservative Catholic order, has put their 97-acre parcel located at 773 Armonk Road, in the Town of New Castle, Westchester County on the market. After years of back and forth with the town over building a seminary or a women's center on its Armonk Road property, the Legion says it is selling the property for economic reasons according to Legion spokesperson Jim Fair.

The Legion of Christ, Incorporated (“LCNY”), a not-for-profit corporation, is soliciting offers from developers. LCNY intends to enter into either a contract of sale or a long-term lease agreement with a designated developer for the  property. 

According to the property web-site, the best financial offer, for either a sale or long-term lease, shall be based on the highest present value of payments to LCNY. It is LCNY’s intent to sell the property to the highest bidder. Consideration will also be given to the highest up-front payments.  


Anonymous said...

This was a stupid purchase to start off with. The property was never in a state of usefulness. One novitiate section spent a whole year working there, painting, fixing up things, etc. It was as if they were never there, ie, the to do list was too long. The property itself has few flat parts so sports fields would have to be flattened at a huge expense. There were flat areas at the entrance but too far away from the building. The road leading up to the building was in terrible shape from day 1 and never really given any real attention. In the winter it got terribly icy and dangerous. At night time the entrance was almost impossible to find as it was hidden along a long field. Women would fly up from Mexico for a RC course (up to the White Plains airport) and then take a taxi to the building (like an hour trip). The taxi would get lost on the way. They used it for some retreats but not really a serious effort was ever put in to make this building fit into any Legion plan.

In summary the fixes would have been more expensive than the purchase by many millions.

What this makes me think is that this building was purchased as a way to store money while Fr. Bannon looked for the real thing (real house of studies). The donors who were deceived into giving money for this bogus project have every right to be angry and ask for their money back from the Legion...

Anonymous said...

Monk, I'd love to hear your take on the situation with Zenit, both from an organizational perspective as well as how you might parse Colina's comments versus Fr Thomas Williams' comments. Thx, Monk!!